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05/04/23 – Bioeconomy– Fundo Vale– Innovation

Fast Company | Bioeconomy, innovation and startups: what are we waiting for?

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05/04/23 – Amazon– Artificial Intelligence– Florest

G1 | Artificial intelligence predicts where there is the greatest risk of deforestation in the Amazon

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05/04/23 – Carbon– Carbon target– NBS

TV Globo | Brazil can generate up to R$26 billion a year from carbon credits, says consulting firm

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05/04/23 – Afroforestry– Fundo Vale– NBS

Capital Reset | Belterra’s model for scaling up agroforestry

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03/03/23 – buys– Carbon– credits

Broadcast | Vale buys its first carbon credits

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03/03/23 – artificial– Deforestation– intelligence

Valor Econômico | Artificial intelligence platform seeks to prevent deforestation in Amazon

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