Entrepreneurs made pitches to impact ecosystem organizations, investors and businesspeople, which were livestreamed on YouTube and LinkedIn 

On June 25, Cubo Itaú, one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship hubs in Latin America, where Fundo Vale has been operating since 2023, hosted the first Demo Day of Sinergia Investimentos, an Amazon Journey program that uses the “evolutionary capital” model to accelerate innovative businesses, with a focus on the bioeconomy and other products and services with social and environmental impacts. The meeting was supported by the CERTI Foundation, Darwin Startups, Amazônia B and CVentures, in partnership with Fundo Vale. 

Eight startups participating in the program had the opportunity to present their businesses to impact ecosystem organizations, investors and businesspeople, and the pitches were livestreamed on YouTube and LinkedIn. There was also a panel discussion called “Investments in Startups,” featuring Gustavo Luz, Fundo Vale’s executive director; Pedro Meduna, a representative of the L4 investment fund; and Joanna Martins, a businesswoman and founder of Manioca, a startup supported by the Amazon Journey platform’s Sinergia Investimentos program. 

The corporate venture capital (CVC) approach used by Sinergia Investimentos integrates the market itself as investors, thereby guaranteeing not only capital injections, but also the sharing of expertise and strategic partnerships. 

“The great thing about Sinergia Investimentos is its evolutionary capital model, which takes into account that startups have different stages of development and therefore need capital adapted to each strategic business phase. In addition to providing financial resources, the program offers essential knowledge and connections to minimize operational risks. This Demo Day is an opportunity for startups to show the maturity of their projects and attract investors in order to gain scale,” explains Gustavo Luz, Fundo Vale’s executive director. 

Learn about the eight startups that took part in Sinergia Investimentos’ first Demo Day:  

AeroRiver – Manaus, Amazonas 

AeroRiver is developing the Volitan, an innovative ground-effect vehicle designed to transform logistics and tackle transportation challenges in the Amazon region. 

AMA SKN – United States 

AMA SKN creates biocosmetics with sustainable packaging, using vegan ingredients that benefit local communities and contribute to forest preservation. 

AMAZONIQUE – Ananindeua, Pará 

AMAZONIQUE is expanding the range of Amazonian fruit flavors available on the market, producing juices using pure and concentrated raw materials, without the addition of artificial colorings. 

DCO – Belém, Pará 

DCO is dedicated to researching and developing micro-generators, using natural resources as a source of renewable energy. 

Hylaea – Rio Branco, Acre 

Hylaea produces high-quality ibogaine for use in effective treatments for substance use disorders, depression and neurodegenerative diseases. 

Mazô Maná – Altamira, Pará 

Mazô Maná develops functional nutrition products, including meal replacements, featuring 75% Amazonian ingredients, aimed at the health food market. 

Mombora – São Paulo 

Mombora has innovated by creating a natural alternative to energy gels, producing nutritious gels made with natural ingredients and Brazilian fruit flavors. 

Restauragro – Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso 

Restauragro works with environmental compliance, restoring degraded areas and facilitating access to rural credit, reintegrating livestock farmers into the deforestation-free value chain. 

About the Amazon Journey 

The Amazon Journey is a platform that promotes connections between entrepreneurs, partners, opportunities, businesses and the Amazonian people, to nurture innovation in the bioeconomy, supporting businesses that respect the forest and everything that surrounds it. Fundo Vale and three banks (Bradesco, Itaú Unibanco and Santander) have invested in the initiative, which aims to mobilize 20,000 talented entrepreneurs, train more than 3,000 of them, create at least 200 new businesses and strengthen 100 innovative companies in the Amazon by 2025.