Activity was part of the Amazon Journey & Fundo Vale Community, an initiative aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and impact businesses that value preserved forests 

On May 29, another “Amazon Journey & Fundo Vale Community” event took place, aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences to support the startups supported by the Amazon Journey platform. During the meeting, Nathalia Cipoleta of Fundo Vale’s Strategy, Management and Impact Area spoke about the basic processes involved in developing a management model and measuring the positive impact of a business or initiative. “Impact management in social and environmental initiatives is fundamental to ensure that projects achieve their objectives and generate tangible benefits for society and the environment. It enables evidence-based decision making, helps ensure the intentionality of the desired impact when scaling up solutions, generates continuous learning and improvement, and creates a relationship of transparency with stakeholders,” Cipoleta explained. 

The Amazon Journey focuses on innovative entrepreneurship, supporting each entrepreneur according to their different stages of maturity, which can be divided into three moments: Activation, Origination and Evolution. The main objective of the Amazon Journey startup community meetings is to create a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can learn, create connections and, above all, share common business challenges.  

Vivian Yujin Chun, founder of Moma Cosméticos. Photo: Giovanna Leite  

“The Amazon Journey process has been very enriching for us. First, we met with different partners and companies that are on the same path. We know that entrepreneurship requires a lot of sharing of experiences, and that is valuable in itself. In addition, meeting guests with rich backgrounds who bring a lot of experience and generate valuable insights is of great benefit. Finally, it’s extremely important to meet with specialists and mentors who can help us solve specific problems with a particular focus on our stage and our business,” said Vivian Yujin Chun, founder of Moma Cosméticos. 

“The partnership with Fundo Vale has strengthened our strategy, providing valuable moments for exchanging experiences and interacting with the institution and entrepreneurs. Several Fundo Vale professionals have participated in the community meetings, further enriching the discussions and sharing a practical perspective on the challenges and opportunities for impact businesses,” said Guilherme Martins Aragão, project coordinator at the CERTI Foundation’s Green Economy Center.