New cycle of support includes the Green Wave Platform, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to connect demands and solutions for mitigating the climate crisis  

Dedicated to promoting synergies that lead to practical solutions to climate change issues, Climate Ventures has become a key partner of Fundo Vale. This partnership aims to advance the climate innovation agenda and foster a just and resilient transition in Brazil. To further support the organization’s initiatives, Fundo Vale has renewed this partnership, which now includes support for the Green Wave Platform. 

The main objective of the Green Wave Platform, created by Climate Ventures, is to facilitate connections between organizations that offer and demand sustainable solutions through artificial intelligence algorithms. This technology makes it possible to identify and bring together established companies, startups, civil society organizations and other stakeholders looking for technologies to reduce emissions and other sustainable solutions in various sectors of the economy.  

In addition, the platform offers an extensive database where organizations can register and look for partners, promoting synergies and strategic collaboration to boost their sustainability goals. Officially launched in December 2023 at COP 28 in Dubai, the platform already has more than 950 registered organizations and aims to expand this number to 5,000 by 2025.  

The data collected on the platform is worked on to generate valuable insights into trends and needs in the green economy market, helping companies and investors make more strategic decisions. 

The platform also organizes business roundtables and events that bring together different players in the climate innovation ecosystem, fostering networking and cooperation opportunities for the development of sustainable projects and investments. Through its connective intelligence, the platform has already enabled more than 90 business meetings between large companies and providers of green solutions. 

“We see the Green Wave Platform as a tool with enormous potential for boosting green solutions, raising the profile of all the work already being done by organizations and stimulating the emergence of new opportunities in Brazil. The partnership with Fundo Vale is a fundamental milestone for the tool to continue to evolve and mature, especially in terms of its ability to generate knowledge about the Brazilian green economy and high-impact connections,” says Amanda Magalhães, the manager of the Green Wave Platform.