Working in coalitions is one of Fundo Vale’s strategies, defined in its Theory of Change. This implies closer links with organizations, forums and networks that are thematically aligned with our work, to build collaborative initiatives that are connected to the circumstances and problems we aim to tackle.

Fundo Vale has participated in or supported the following networks and spaces for sharing and collaboration:

Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA)

Private sector collective action platform to promote new sustainable development models in the Amazon. Its goal is to develop and identify tangible and innovative solutions to conserve the Amazon’s biodiversity and natural resources and to guarantee the quality of life of the region’s communities. It has more than 40 members, including companies and civil society organizations. Fundo Vale is a member of its Deliberative Council and it has participated actively in its working groups on entrepreneurship and the bioeconomy.

Impact Foundations and Institutes (FIIMP)

The Impact Foundations and Institutes group arose when 22 foundations and institutes (family, corporate and independent) came together in 2016 to learn about investing in social and environmental impact businesses, experimenting with the use of different financial mechanisms. It originated from the Innovation in Social Finance Lab, created by the Alliance for Impact investments and Businesses (at the time called the Social Finance Task Force). Two learning cycles, called FIIMP 1 and 2, were held between 2017 and 2020, involving 32 institutes, foundations and companies. In all, around R$1.9 million was invested, nine impact ecosystem intermediaries were supported and 50 impact businesses directly benefited.

Latin American Venture Philanthropy Network (Latimpacto)

Network that mobilizes social capital providers to ensure the more effective implementation of financial and non-financial resources to generate positive, sustainable and long-term social and environmental impacts. The network has a Knowledge Center and the Latimpacto Academy, which facilitate collaboration and connections between different social capital suppliers in all sectors, throughout the investment process, from traditional philanthropy to impact investment. The network operates across Latin America, from Mexico to Patagonia, and in the Caribbean, connecting with sister networks in Europa (EVPA), Asia (AVPN) and Africa (AVPA), which now have more than 1,000 members in all. Latimpacto is supported by Fundo Vale in Brazil to boost its initiatives in the country.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Global network of organizations that promote entrepreneurship in emerging markets. ANDE’s members offer financial, educational and business support services to small enterprises, believing that they create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth and yield environmental and social benefits. They ultimately help countries fight poverty. In its Brazilian chapter, ANDE also works to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem. To this end, it connects local stakeholders, builds lasting relationships and promotes collaboration between members. Fundo Vale has been a member since 2019.

Cooperation for the Amazon

Network of more than 100 leaders engaged in sustainable development in the Amazon, which arose from the need to amplify voices and create an environment in which different initiatives can meet, harness synergies and leverage their impacts. Its purpose is to institutionalize pluralistic and democratic debate in Brazil aimed at the region’s sustainable development.

Brazilian Forest, Climate and Agriculture Coalition

Multi-sector movement composed of leading Brazilian agribusiness organizations, key environmental and climate civil organizations, renowned academics, trade associations and leading companies in sectors such as timber, cosmetics, steel, and paper and pulp. The coalition advocates concrete actions, policies and economic incentives that take advantage of Brazil’s comparative advantages and position the country as a global protagonist of a new development model that is more prosperous, fairer and more sustainable, generating jobs and income.

Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (GIFE)

Brazilian association of social investors, whether institutes, foundations or companies, created in 1995. Its objective is to contribute to Brazil’s sustainable development by strengthening policies and institutions and by supporting the strategic activities of institutes, foundations and other private organizations that make voluntary and systematic social investment aimed at the public interest. It is a leader in the country in the area of private social investment. Fundo Vale joined it in 2021.

Green Municipalities Program (PMV)

Pará state government program developed in partnership with municipalities, civil society, the private sector, the Brazilian environmental protection agency, Ibama, and the Federal Public Prosecutors’ Office. Its goals are to fight deforestation in the state and strengthen rural sustainable production through strategic environmental and land tenure management, focusing on local agreements, deforestation monitoring, the implementation of a Rural Environmental Registry and the structuring of environmental management in participating municipalities. Fundo Vale contributed to the structuring of this program, which was created in 2011, and it serves on its Management Board.

Amazon Training Network (Recam)

Created in late 2013, the Amazon Training Network (Recam) is a collaborative initiative involving social and environmental organizations that operate in the Amazon. It uses training as a pillar to strengthen social, environmental and economic management at municipal level. Its mission is to promote and scale up sustainable municipal management initiatives in the Amazon through collaboration, capacity building and the strengthening of social and environmental governance. Fundo Vale is one of its founding members.