Gustavo Luz
Fundo Vale & Equity Stakes Manager

Undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering and administration, from Minas Gerais Federal University and Minas Gerais Catholic University, respectively. Specialized degree in finance from Dom Cabral Foundation and diploma in positive impact strategies from Wharton School. MBA in capital markets from Minas Gerais Catholic University. He joined the engineering area of Vale’s Energy Department and after a period working in management consulting in Brazil and other countries, he returned to Vale, this time at its logistics, integration, corporate services and environment departments. He now runs the company’s Fundo Vale & Equity Stakes Department, leading the development of innovative impact investment and sustainable finance models, focusing on the adaptation of forests to climate change and its contribution to Vale’s carbon neutrality strategy.

Bia Marchiori
Agronomic Engineer

Agronomic Engineer graduated from UFRRJ, with specialization in circular economy (PUC/RS) and MBA in business management (ESALQ-USP). She has experience in the planning, management and development of projects in the area of sustainability, working in recent years with a focus on forest recovery through investment in businesses with positive socio-environmental impact and sustainable rural development, thus contributing to sustainability strategies, carbon neutrality and value creation for the company and its stakeholders. He works at Fundo Vale with an environmental focus for the area’s projects, mainly Vale’s Forestry Goal 2030.

Giovana Gohr Serenato
Socio-environmental Innovation Analyst

Graduated in Tourism, specialized in Project Management, Marketing and Master in Technological Innovation, she has worked as a consultant for over 15 years in the areas of business and territorial development, with experience in municipal and state public management and international experience. In the last 5 years she has dedicated herself to innovation and impact, with experience in innovation hubs, support for startups and connections with large companies, promotion and articulation with the ecosystem of innovation and impact, as well as mentoring startups and small innovative companies. She joined the Vale Fund in 2022 and works with the theme of social and environmental innovation.

Helio Laubenheimer
Forests and Climate Change Leader

Undergraduate degree in biology and master’s in marine biology from Santa Úrsula University. Specialized diploma in environmental science from Rio de Janeiro Federal University and MBA in entrepreneurship and new business development from FGV-RJ. He joined the Environmental Restoration Area of Vale’s Sustainability Department, before moving on to its Environmental Planning Area, Biodiversity Area and Fundo Vale. He has more than 12 years of experience in developing emissions reduction projects within the scope of the Clean Development Mechanism and voluntary carbon markets, as well as in evaluating and developing sustainability projects, businesses, tools and strategies aimed at reducing risks and boosting positive social, environmental and economic impacts. He is currently working on Vale’s forest commitment, focusing on promoting and structuring impact investments to contribute to the company’s climate change strategy.

Juliana Vilhena
Impact Management and Social and Environmental Innovation Leader

Undergraduate degree in architecture and urbanism, master’s degree in civil engineering, majoring in project management from Minas Gerais Federal University, specialized diploma in construction, majoring in technology and productivity from Minas Gerais Federal University, and specialized diploma in project management from IETEC. She has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of engineering and corporate sustainability, working in project management, application of the FEL Methodology, management of social and environmental risks and evaluation of ESG criteria in mining mega-projects. In recent years she has worked on corporate social and environmental responsibility, relationships with communities, private social investment, and impact businesses and investment. She coordinated the Agroforestry Challenge, launched in 2020, and the “Social License to Operate in Mining” R&D project, the

Letícia Zuardi
Equity and Impact Investment Leader

Economist graduated from PUC-Rio, with specialization in Capital Markets by Anbima and MBA in Controllership and Finance by UFF. She has more than 20 years of experience in the Corporate Finance area, working with financial planning, cash management, and prospection of financial products. Recently, he led the areas of fundraising and investor relations with a focus on ESG engagement. He joined Vale in 2005 in the Treasury area where he worked for 12 years, returning in January 2023.  At Fundo Vale she works on the Equity and Impact Investment front.

Márcia Soares
Partnerships and Networks Leader

Undergraduate degree in social communication from Fluminense Federal University and master’s in communication and culture from Rio de Janeiro Federal University. She has been working for more than 20 years in the social and environmental area, monitoring the evolution of sustainability and corporate social responsibility agendas. She has worked on corporate communication, network strategy, engagement, institutional relations, private social investment, management of social and environmental projects, and management of impact businesses and investment. She has extensive experience in sustainability initiatives in the Amazon. Member of the Management Board of the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA), an initiative led by USAID. Member of the Strategic Board of Latimpacto, a Latin American risk philanthropy network and board member of Amazon Investor Coalition. She has been with Fundo Vale since 2011.

Matheus Ferreira de Faria

Economist undergraduate student at the Federal University of Ouro Preto. His interest is in economic development. He is currently an administrative trainee. He joined the Vale Fund team in 2022 to provide support in the area of contracts, finance, administrative services.

Mirtes Cavalcanti
Governance and Control Leader

Undergraduate degree in administration majoring in management processes from Northern Paraná University and Unicentro Newton Paiva. Specialized diploma in corporate finance and controllership from FUMEC University. She joined the contract management area of Vale’s Environment Department and has been at Fundo Vale since 2015, running its Corporate Governance, Finance and General Administration Department.

Simone Reys Reinaldo
Administrative Analyst

Undergraduate degree in business administration from Newton Paiva University in Belo Horizonte. She joined Vale in January 2012, working as a secretary and administrative assistant in the environmental management area. She moved to Fundo Vale in 2019, where she is now responsible for its contracts and administrative services area.

Technical Support

Gardênia Vargas
Communication and Knowledge Management | ImpactPlus

Undergraduate degree in social communication and specialized diploma in digital marketing, content creation, strategy and brand building. She has worked at large media companies in Brazil, as a reporter at Jornal do Brasil, in TV Globo’s press relations area and at Grupo Editorial Record. She is an institutional/corporate communication consultant for CDTS/Fiocruz and she is responsible for brand building and communication strategy at Da Thábata, a women’s enterprise group. She has been working on corporate and strategic communication at Fundo Vale since 2021.

Liz Lacerda
Partnership Management | ImpactPlus

Liz is currently a Master’s student in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development from Stockholm University, a specialist in Project Management from Dom Cabral Foundation, and a degree in International Relations from PUC/MG. Coorganizer of the Brazil Relief Team after Cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit the Mozambican coast in 2019. She has worked on the topic of climate resilience and adaptation and disaster prevention, with a focus on South American cities. As a consultant, she has worked on natural capital assessment projects, planning the future use of private conservation areas, and structuring credit operations for subnational entities, especially for urban infrastructure projects.

Lucas Ferreira
Innovation | ImpactPlus

Lucas is an innovation and impact business consultant, and a Master’s student in Innovation Management at UFMG. He has been working with social impact projects for 10 years. He is an expert in social and environmental impact entrepreneurship by ICE (Entrepreneurial Citizenship Institute). He has experience with creation and management of positive social impact projects by the Global Shapers Community, a global community of young leaders, has been working for three years with Diversity & Inclusion actions in the workplace, and was coordinator of sustainable solutions in iFood’s ESG area with a focus on Education.

Nathalia Cipoleta
Impact Management and Measurement | Impact Plus

Nathalia holds a master’s degree in Agroecology and Rural Development from UFSCar, a postgraduate degree in project management and a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. Seven years ago, she started working in the social sector through volunteer work which, after a few years of work in Brazil, took her to Nicaragua, as the financial responsible for the national operation of AIESEC in the country. He worked in several areas, from strategic management to operations, in civil society organizations and social businesses. He is a specialist in social project management, certified Project DPro and, since then, he has worked with a focus on strategic and impact management. In recent years, he has coordinated actions in several socio-environmental, cultural and education projects. In addition, he participated in the construction of socio-territorial diagnoses, evaluation of results, impact designs, strategic projects, facilitation of learning processes about management and construction of tools that help in the day-to-day activities of social projects.