Is Fundo Vale an investment fund?

We are a business promotion and investment fund that works for a more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive economy. We are not a fund created by a financial institution, but we are part of the voluntary social investment strategy of mining company Vale, which funds us. We are here to generate positive social and environmental impacts and we invest in a patient, catalytic and flexible way.

Does Fundo Vale make donations to individuals?

No. Fundo Vale only supports social and environmental initiatives run by civil society organizations, companies or impact businesses.

Does Fundo Vale make donations to projects?

Yes, provided that they are aligned with our Theory of Change. One way we can achieve our strategic objectives is to support projects through technical and financial cooperation, which generally entails a donation.

What does the Vale Foundation have to do with Fundo Vale?

Both the Vale Foundation and Fundo Vale are voluntary social investment vehicles created and paid for by Vale. Vale also has other vehicles, such as the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) and Vale Cultural Institute, which work on complementary strategies but with different purposes. Find out more about the Vale Foundation’s work at

Does Fundo Vale hold public tenders?

Not generally, but it is not restricted from doing so. We normally participate in the construction of initiatives aligned with our strategic objectives and targets, through partnerships with organizations we identify as we work in the field. However, there may be some initiatives in which the best strategy is to hold a public tender, as happened with the Agroforestry Challenge (

What states and municipalities does Fundo Vale operate in?

We can operate anywhere in Brazil, in locations where there are opportunities to pursue our mission, but we pay special attention to the Amazon region. We do not restrict our activities to any specific municipalities.

Does Fundo Vale operate outside Brazil?

Our action is focused on Brazil, especially the Amazon region, but we maintain contact and dialogue with various international organizations that share our agenda.

What is the relationship between Fundo Vale and mining company Vale?

Vale is the company that created and finances Fundo Vale. We are part of the company’s sustainability and voluntary social investment strategy.

Does Fundo Vale accept volunteers?

No, we don’t work with volunteering programs.

How can I work at Fundo Vale?

Email your resume to and we will save it for possible future opportunities. At the moment we do not have any vacancies.

How can I become a Fundo Vale partner?

Look at our Theory of Change to understand our strategic objectives and targets. If you believe that your organization has synergies and the potential to partner with us, email us your idea at and we will internally evaluate it and get back to you.


What are impact businesses?

Impact businesses are enterprises that have the clear intention of addressing a social or environmental problem through their core activity (whether it is their product, service and/or way of operating). They act according to market logic, with a business model that seeks financial returns, and they are committed to measuring the impacts they generate. Find out more about the subject at

What do impact businesses have to do with the ESG agenda?

The environment, social and governance (ESG) agenda is linked to the demands that the markets have made on companies in these three areas, to identify non-financial risks that could affect the value of their assets, as part of a risk assessment process. On the other hand, impact investments are about the type of investment that managers are seeking and their intentions, namely positive social or environmental impacts. Find out more at

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