The future is taking us to a situation in which positive impacts will no longer be mere intensions, but a precondition for the existence of businesses. We believe that through this movement, the Amazon may become the world’s leading bioeconomy and that by supporting social and environmental impact businesses in this and other Brazilian biomes, Fundo Vale will catalyze this change.

We will prove that it is possible to do things differently. That communities, traditional peoples and farmers can make a living from sustainable production. And that impact investments in new business models, committed to preserving and regenerating our natural resources, can generate much bigger benefits and make Brazil the environmental power it deserves to be.

We will collaborate with Vale in the construction of a sustainable future, to leave major social, environmental and economic legacies, not just for Brazil, but for the whole world’s next generations.


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Impact and Future Community Businesses

Fundo Vale and Conexsus support the development of cooperatives and associations of small farmers and extractivists, during Covid-19. The goal: to overcome the economic impacts of the pandemic, streng…

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Forest Economy

Initiatives that give birth to projects and grow sustainable businesses has made it possible to develop and leverage growth of impact business ecosystems in the Amazon and other biomes.

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Socio-environmental Business

Forest conservation and restoration initiatives make it possible to generate jobs, income and fair trade in social and biodiversity chains.

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Sustainable livestock in the Amazon

Fundo Vale encourages transformation of business in the value chain of livestock farming in Amazon by investing in environmental impact reduction programs.

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Green Municipalities

Fundo Vale has been aiding efforts to control illegal deforestation in the Amazon and promoting sustainable development in the region’s municipalities, supporting the Green Municipalities Program in…

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Promoting sustainability means investing in the future

Fundo Vale reaches 10th anniversary with R$135 million allocated to more than 70 initiatives and resumes focus on strengthening business ecosystem to support bioeconomy.

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Initiatives already supported or developed

Impact Foundations and Institutes (FIIMP)

A group of institutes and foundations, including Fundo Vale, came together to understand the challenges of impact businesses and to solve social and environmental problems in every phase of entrepreneurs’ journey – validation, acceleration and scaling up. Between 2017 and 2020, FIIMP worked with 32 institutes, foundations and companies, it invested around R$1.9 million, it supported nine intermediaries, and it directly benefited 50 impact businesses.

2020 Impact Map

This study, carried out every two years by Pipe Social, is widely recognized in the impact business and investment sector. Fundo Vale is one of the sponsors of the Third Social and Environmental Impact Business Map, which maps businesses that are seeking to solve society’s social and environmental problems by registering entrepreneurs on a platform. This edition has a chapter that specifically analyzes social and environmental businesses.

Panorama of Impact Investments in Latin America

This study is conducted every two years by the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE). Its latest edition, launched in 2020, presented a vision of impact investment trends in the region. There was a chapter dedicated to impact investment in biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. According to the study, Brazil will attract impact investment of US$785 million in the next two years.

Amazon Logistics and Marketing Lab

This initiative by Climate Ventures seeks to unlock logistics and sales barriers to promote the Amazon’s social and biological diversity products. The Lab is a structured innovation and co-creation space for prototyping and testing solutions that could boost the region’s bioeconomy. As a result of the program, the “Amazon at Home, Intact Forest” movement is being created, with the goal of scaling up prototyped solutions and serving at least 50 businesses over the next two years.

Bioeconomy Priority Program (PPBio)

Fundo Vale has supported this program, developed by Idesam and anchored in the Bioeconomy Priority Program defined by the Manaus Free Zone Agency (Suframa) for the Manaus Free Trade Zone. The program seeks to create local investment opportunities, incentivizing companies to produce sustainable development programs and projects for the region, using resources from the Information Technology Law (Law 13,674 of 2018), which requires local technology companies to assign 5% of their gross revenue to research and development activities in the Amazon. Idesam has developed a database of projects involving around 80 businesses. In 2020, R$6.3 million was invested, eight projects were supported and there were seven investor companies.)

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Impact Accelerators

This study by Move.Social was designed to improve products and services offered by impact accelerators through a set of established indicators, to contribute to the development of these organizations and their intended impacts. Over the course of nearly one year, the project worked with 11 intermediary organizations (accelerators), and 73 impact businesses and civil society organizations were accelerated through partnerships.

Café Apuí

The first organic coffee grown in the Amazon in agroforestry systems involves 59 families, which are protecting 50 hectares of reforested areas and whose annual income has already increased 300%. Created as a project by Idesam to disseminate a more sustainable production model in the southern part of the state of Amazonas, the initiative matured and turned into an agroforestry business. Fundo Vale initially supported the project and later offered blended finance to strengthen the business and allow it to access other credit lines and increase its production scale.