Impact Report

Fundo Vale’s 2022

Lessons learned and results in our areas of activity and initiatives involving the positive social and environmental impact business ecosystem



    14 million

    to promote initiatives with no expectation of a financial return

    43,9 million

    to promote initiatives with an expectation of a financial return

    social and environmental impact
    businesses supported by Fundo
    Vale and partner initiatives


    businesses provided
    with financial support


    directly by
    Fundo Vale


    initiatives in our


    financial instruments


    partner organizations



    We are members of 4 Amazon networks and alliances

    210.018 ha

    hectares of habitat preserved

    (undergoing restoration, conservation and sustainable management) indirectly through initiatives we support

    1.215 hectares of habitat restored

    through impact businesses supported by 2030 Forest Goal

    48% of total area restored in

    Caatinga Shrublands and 26% in Amazon

    44 tree species planted

    (49% native to Brazil)

    531.800 tCO2

    and potential carbon credits generated

    383 workers

    directly involved in
    habitat restoration
    (257 fixed and 126 temporary)

    15.363 people

    directly and indirectly benefited by
    supported initiatives and businesses

    34 studies or publications

    or produced

    What you
    will fild


    Fundo Vale’s 2022
    positive impact map

    Fundo Vale’s

    Fundo Vale’s 2030
    Theory of Change

    in 2022


    at COP-27

    Amazon’s central role
    in the initiatives we supports

    Lessons learned
    and future prospects

    Strategic areas

    Governance and transparency

    • Invest and Unlock Financial Capital
    • Contribute to Vale’s Sustainability Commitments
    • Catalyze Social and Environmental Impact Businesses
    • Build Capabilities
    • Work in Coalitions


    Fundo Vale, in accordance with its strategic vision for the next 10 years, declares that its main guidelines include transparency, governance and efficiency leveraged by an impact measurement and management system.

    1. To support this principle and advance in the development of flows and practices, we developed GIMPACT – our model, which describes the behavior of our strategy and the achievement of our results.

    Our objectives

    • Make evidence-based decisions.
    • Monitor our impact performance.
    • Maintain transparent relations with our stakeholders.
    • Ensure impact intentionality when scaling solutions.
    • Generate learning and contribute to practices in the field.

    Impact Report’s
    guiding questions

    • What were the main results generated by the initiatives supported and invested in by Fundo Vale in 2022?
    • Quantitatively, what were the main results of Fundo Vale’s support in 2022?
    • What contribution does Fundo Vale make to each initiative, beyond financial contributions?

    Fundo Vale’s 2022
    Impact Report

    We are here to promote a more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive economy.

    Thanks to the Forest Goal, we have the opportunity to test our investment thesis, considering the best relationship between risk, return and positive social and environmental impacts, while developing innovative and scalable ideas and businesses. We can understand how and at what time the capital contributed by Fundo Vale can generate most value, whether as non-financial support or as seed capital, by accompanying the evolution process of each business, from the initial stage until they reach a degree of maturity and traction and so become ready for investment.

    Juliana Vilhena

    Social and environmental impact and
    innovation management leader, Fundo Vale

    Currently, the short-term economic gains from practices that degrade the environment and in many cases are illegal are often greater than those obtained from initiatives involving their conservation. Consequently, new approaches on the same economic scale are needed to generate greater shared value from sustainable land use. We believe that Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal can show concrete evidence that it is possible to reverse this situation through innovative solutions with significant positive social and environmental impacts.

    Gustavo Luz

    Fundo Vale and equity stakes manager

    When we offer alternatives, such as agroforestry systems, we provide the opportunity to generate income from conservation and enable a more sustainable system. It is easier to convince a producer to keep the forest standing. To do this, we need to support and encourage not only the most structured businesses, but also new initiatives in different links of production chains. We also seek to be agents that promote these environmentally friendly practices.

    Bia Marchiori

    Responsible for technical tracking of
    Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal

    Fundo Vale has been working to strengthen the carbon and impact ecosystem. We understand that we have a significant role to play in supporting, training, promoting and investing in businesses that generate social and environmental impacts, influencing the dissemination of this subject and encouraging more and more businesses and innovative solutions, supported by a network of partners, to fulfill their role of transforming people and places.

    Giovana Gohr Serenato

    Social and environmental innovation
    leader, Fundo Vale

    It isn’t a trivial matter to work in partnership, as each organization has its own agenda and goals. The path must be collective, because no one changes anything alone, but isn’t easy to agree on a fair path that serves everyone. You have to compromise in order to form partnerships and move forward.

    Márcia Soares

    Partnerships and communication
    leader, Fundo Vale