Fundo Vale has been involved in crucial discussions regarding a new global market: carbon credit trading. A story recently broadcast on Brazilian news show Jornal Nacional highlighted the country’s huge potential in this area, saying that it could earn revenue of up to R$26 billion per year through initiatives that conserve, protect and restore forests. 

“Carbon credits are another element that will help forests remain standing. Forests and those who make a living from them are at the heart of decisions in this area. They aren’t merely an initiative to offset [carbon] emissions,” said Fundo Vale’s manager, Gustavo Luz.

Did you know?

🌱 Vale, through Fundo Vale, recently acquired high-integrity carbon credits from a project in Pará that is preserving 140,000 hectares of forest through sustainable management of the area and support for social and environmental initiatives in local communities.

🌱 According to American consulting firm McKinsey & Company, investing in forest projects has the potential to create 1.5 million jobs by 2030.