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Edition 4 – December – 2021
Partnership between Fundo Vale and SITAWI to support Amazon impact businesses

Fundo Vale has just formed a partnership with SITAWI – Finanças do Bem to support social and environmental businesses in the Amazon. It involves supporting the Collective Loan Platform, an initiative created by SITAWI, which will now gain impetus from Fundo Vale’s backing. The platform allows individuals and organizations to invest directly in impact businesses in the Amazon region. These projects are mitigating the effects of deforestation in the Amazon and causing local people to value intact jungle more, as well as conserving biodiversity, providing an income for communities and preserving local culture.

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PrevisIA, a platform that predicts areas at risk of deforestation in the Amazon, was a winner in this year’s “100 Biggest Innovators in the Use of IT Awards,” in the “Digital Industry – IT in Telecom” category. The project uses artificial intelligence developed by the Institute for the Amazon’s People and Environment (Imazon), supported by Microsoft in partnership with Fundo Vale. The idea is to use artificial intelligence to analyze data stored in the cloud, collected via satellite, in order to map official roads and, above all, new clandestine roads and thereby identify areas at greatest risk of deforestation in the Amazon. Public organizations, NGOs and journalists – the platform’s target audience – are being mobilized to use the information generated for local strategic actions to avoid future deforestation. The platform is open to society at

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Forest Goal
Fundo Vale was invited to take part in the 3rd Brazilian Ecological Restoration Conference and 1st Brazilian Native Seeds Seminar, held between November 8 and 11. The mission and positive social and environmental impacts of Vale’s Voluntary Forest Commitment were presented at a symposium called “Making Forests a Good Business: Restoration Initiatives with Economic Returns.” The aim was to present agroforestry and silvo-pastoral arrangements that promote habitat restoration, positive social impacts and economic sustainability as part of Vale’s Forest Goal.
What Are…
Impact Businesses?
Social and environmental impact business are enterprises that simultaneously meet four criteria:
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1 – They clearly express their intention (mission/purpose) to solve (at least in part) a social and/or environmental problem;

2 – Their core business activity provides a solution to a real social or environmental program and this solution is the main reason that justifies the business’ existence;

3 – They operate in line with market logic, seeking a financial return, meaning they generate their own revenue by selling products and/or services, regardless of their legal format; and

4 – They are committed to monitoring the social and environmental impacts they generate in society..

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Fundo Vale Presents
Climate Action at Latimpacto

On December 1, an event called “Knowledge Session: Understanding the Role of Philanthropy and Impact Investment in Voluntary Carbon Markets” was held. This was the first climate change and conservation impact community activity organized by Latimpacto. The debate was moderated by Márcia Soares, Fundo Vale’s networks and partnerships leader and a member of Latimpacto’s Strategic Council. The speakers were Vivian Lujan Gallegos of Climate Asset Management and Natalia Arango of Fondo Acción. They talked about climate action and conservation.

Fundo Vale at annual conference of Brazil-China Business Council

On December 7, Márcia Soares, Fundo Vale’s networks and partnerships leader, participated in a panel discussion called “Sustainability and the Future of the Bilateral Agenda” at the annual conference of the Brazil-China Business Council. The other speakers were José Renato Domingues (vice president of China Three Gorges Brasil), Chai Qimin (strategy and planning director of the Chinese Ecology Ministry’s National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation) and Adalberto Maluf (director of BYD and president of the Brazilian Electric Vehicles Association). [1] The moderator was Cláudia Trevisan, executive director of the Brazil-China Business Council.

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Fundo Vale Recommends
The Union for Restoration, an alliance formed to restore 4 million hectares of forest and other landscapes in Brazil’s Amazon, Savanna and Atlantic Forest biomes by 2030 – was launched at COP26. The initiative’s partners include NGOs Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, World Resources Institute and WWF Brasil.

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Podcast & Videos
Empreender na Amazônia: Estágios maduros (Academia Amazônia Ensina e Vivalá)

Check out the second episode of the podcast Empreender na Amazônia

Partners for the Amazon (PPA) has released the second episode of its podcast “Empreender na Amazônia,” featuring special guests Daniel Cabrera (co-founder and executive director of Vivalá) and Maria Eugênia Tezza (executive coordinator at the Amazon Education Academy). In this dialogue, the two entrepreneurs active in the Amazon region comment on their experience of having their businesses accelerated and how this has contributed to their development.

Articles & Publications
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 16.01.57
Read the article “A hora e a vez do blended finance,” written by Marco Gorini, partner and chairman of Anga&Din4mo, published in MIT Sloan Management (year 3, no. 8, p. 46-51).

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Na Mídia
Read an article on Mongabay about the AMACRO project, created in 2020 in the Brazilian states of Amazonas (AM), Acre (AC) and Rondônia (RO). The article also mentions PrevisIA, an artificial intelligence platform developed by the Institute for the Amazon’s People and Environment (Imazon) and supported by Microsoft and Fundo Vale. PrevisIA is designed to process forecasting data to avoid deforestation in the Amazon.
In an article, Exame magazine shows the results of the PrevisIA platform, developed by Microsoft and supported by Fundo Vale and the Institute for the Amazon’s People and Environment (Imazon). This platform seeks to prevent deforestation in the Amazon. The tool was presented at COP26 in November. Its objective is to provide the public authorities and civil society with information to support strategies to preserve the forest and prevent deforestation.
Read this article in the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo to find out more about the projects supported by Fundo Vale to protect the Amazon and also its Voluntary Forest Commitment. For example, Fundo Vale is strengthening the local bioeconomy by supporting Manioca, a startup that is selling a line of products derived from the Amazon’s biodiversity.

December 10,
9 am to midday 

Don’t miss the “Toward the National System of Impact Investments and Businesses (SIMPACTO)” workshop. The event is being held by the National Strategy for Impact Investments and Businesses (ENIMPACTO), in partnership with the National Public Administration School (ENAP) and other public and private sector stakeholders in various Brazilian states. There will be structured dialogues aimed at jointly building the foundations for SIMPACTO, a national initiative to promote impact investments and businesses. (Link)

December 16,
8:30 am to
9:30 am

Fundo Vale will be present at the 12th Brazilian Agroforestry Systems Congress, to be held between December 13 and 17. The theme this year is “Balancing People and Evolving Paradigms.” Bia Makiyama Marchiori of Vale Natural Reserve in Linhares, Espírito Santo, will present the objectives and initial results of the Voluntary Forest Commitment at a seminar called “Business Promotion and Investment in Sustainable Businesses with Social, Environmental and Economic Benefits in Brazilian Biomes.” (Link)

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