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Edition 5 – February – 2022
Fundo Vale

Our mission is to promote positive social and environmental impact solutions that strengthen a sustainable, fair and inclusive economy. In 2021 alone, we invested more than R$52 million in the generation of positive social and environmental impacts. For more than 10 years, we have been helping to build a new economic reality by investing in business development, knowledge creation and financial arrangements aimed at conservation and restoration of biomes, especially the Amazon.
Fundo Vale’s transparency, governance and efficiency are leveraged through impact measurement and management. We use a systemic approach involving partnerships, allowing us to discover, coordinate and work with different stakeholders in the ecosystem. We are driven by the belief that Brazil may be recognized as a major bioeconomy power.

Read on to learn about the main results of our activities in 2021:

Contribution to Vale’s sustainability commitments
Vale’s 2030 Voluntary Forest Commitment

Fundo Vale has led Vale’s Forest Goal, ushering in an innovative management model and supporting the development of social and environmental impact businesses. Together with partners, such as Vale Natural Reserve, Vale Institute of Technology – Sustainable Development, Palladium, Imaflora, the Certi Foundation, Move Social and the Institute for Studies on Work and Society (IETS), Fundo Vale has supported and closely monitored the unparalleled development of five agroforestry businesses, helping us work toward our goal in line with the logic of impact businesses. In 2021 alone, around R$46 million was invested in this project and 5,125 hectares of degraded areas were completed restored in the proof-of-concept phase alone.
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Study about REDD+

Fundo Vale produced a business plan about projects for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). Through a methodology that combines positive social and environmental impacts with business strategies focused on Vale’s strategy to become carbon neutral, 59 opportunities (involving around 5 million hectares) were mapped and divided into a preliminary portfolio featuring robust alternatives for the short term, and other possibilities to be investment in the coming years. The aim of the study was to analyze REDD+ projects’ potential contribution to Vale’s protection strategy as of 2022.
Partnership with BNDES

At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), held in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021, we formed a partnership with the Living Forests Initiative, led by Brazil’s national development bank, BNDES. The goal is to reforest between 16,000 and 33,000 hectares with native species in the next seven years.


Mine 2.0

With the support of the team involved in the Forest Goal, the startup FlorestAí took part in Vale’s innovation program, Mine 2.0, to look for solutions to quantify carbon stocks in biomass in agroforestry systems. The solutions developed tackle challenges such as the high cost of carrying out a forest inventory, insufficient databases, complexity of biodiversity and limited scalability.
Catalyzing social and environmental impact businesses

Amazon Impact Accelerator (AMAZ)

Fundo Vale, in partnership with the Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Development Institute (Idesam), invested R$5 million to support the creation and first 10 years of operations of the Amazon Impact Accelerator (AMAZ). The aim of the accelerator is to catalyze social and environmental impact businesses, build capabilities, and provide and unlock financial capital to strengthen the bioeconomy in the Amazon biome. In 2021, the first investment round selected 6 startups, which will each receive an initial capital injection of R$200,000. Projected impacts:
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Innovation for a low-carbon economy

A new partnership with Climate Ventures was formed, to allocate more than R$1 million to continue to strengthen low-carbon businesses. There will be five areas of work: the Green Wave Platform; the Amazon at Home, Intact Forest Movement; the Carbon Calculator for Impact Businesses; the Brazilian Climate Launchpad Contest; and the Program to Promote Good Businesses for the Climate.


Providing and unlocking financial capital

COVID-19 Response Plan and emergency credit line

Fundo Vale provided R$5.6 million to family farming and extractive production associations and cooperatives through its COVID-19 Response Plan in 2020 and 2021. Through our partnership with Conexsus and Fundo CX, we have so far benefited 18,800 producers, invested in 85 community businesses (43% in the Amazon) and provided R$9.4 million of emergency credit.


Climate and Forest Tech Fund

Fundo Vale started to design a venture capital fund, focused on investing in technology companies involved in forestry services, the regenerative economy, the bioeconomy, environmental nutrition and renewable energy. This initiative is currently looking for investors who are interested in contributing to sustainability projects.


Amazon Crowdfunding Platform

Fundo Vale will allocate R$600,000 to the Amazon Crowdfunding Platform, as part of a new partnership with SITAWI – Finanças do Bem. This platform allows individuals and organizations to directly invest in impact businesses in the Amazon region.

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Building capabilities and working in coalitions

Fundo Vale invested R$720,000 to strengthen the impact ecosystem in Brazil, through partnerships with the Institute for Business Citizenship (ICE), the Phi Institute, Latimpacto and the Institute for the Amazon’s People and Environment (Imazon). We took part in nine forums and networks: the Brazilian Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition; the Amazon Investor Coalition; the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA); Cooperation for the Amazon; the Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE); the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (GIFE); Latimpacto; Impact Foundations and Institutes (FIIMP); and the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS).
Latin American network for positive impacts

Fundo Vale renewed its support for Latimpacto, a Latin American network created in 2019, which involves a community of providers of capital (human, intellectual and financial) that are committed to implementing high-impact solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fundo Vale is one of the founding members.
PrevisIA, the platform that can predict a better future

Launched in August 2021, PrevisIA is the outcome of a partnership between Fundo Vale, the Institute for the Amazon’s People and Environment (Imazon) and Microsoft. By cross-checking data from satellite images stored in the cloud and artificial intelligence, the system identifies areas at risk of deforestation in the Amazon before it occurs, allowing preventive measures to be structured. The initiative was a winner in the “100 Most Innovative Users of IT in 2021 Awards” in the “Digital Industry – IT in Telecom” category, and it was a finalist in the “100+ Biodiversity Positive Practices and Actions from Around the World Awards,” held in China by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

The platform is open to society.
You can access it here
Fundo Vale presents
Fundo Vale actively contributed to 20 thematic seminars and other events to strengthen the social and environmental impact ecosystem, as well as bioeconomy, innovation and Amazon agendas, helping to build narratives and leverage projects across the sector. Four studies on strengthening the impact ecosystem were also carried out:

"2020 Impact Map", by Pipe.Social,

“The Green Wave  – Opportunities for Enterprise and Investment with Positive Environmental Impacts in Brazil, by Climate Ventures,

• “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Impact Accelerators”, by Move Social,

• “NBS Study”, by The Bakery.
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“Positive Social and Environmental Impact Businesses Course”

Fundo Vale structured the “Positive Social and Environmental Impact Businesses Course” at Vale’s Sustainability Academy, in order to expand internal understanding of the topic and promote the Brazilian social and environmental impact agenda. The course took place in partnership with Professor Graziella Comini of the University of São Paulo and Tamara Azevedo of Cocriar. Divided into two modules, the course was run in three classes, and there are plans to have more groups this year. To help spread the course’s content, some major players in Brazil’s impact ecosystem gave interviews in four video classes, which will also be available to external stakeholders..  

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