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Edition 6 – April – 2022
Compromisso F2
Fundo Vale launches acceleration program for businesses as part of 2030 Voluntary Forest Commitment

The five businesses that make up Fundo Vale’s portfolio to contribute to Vale’s goal of restoring 100,000 hectares of degraded areas by 2030 entered the structuring phase at the end of February. By the end of 2021, these businesses had passed the proof-of-concept stage and the area covered by them had been scaled up from 1,000 to 6,000 hectares. Now, through an acceleration program specially developed by Darwin Startup in line with the 2030 Voluntary Forest Commitment, the idea is for these enterprises to reassess their strategies and bottlenecks, and then leverage their business models to ensure they are sustainable and financially scalable.

Belterra, Inocas, Caaporã, Regenera and Bioenergia will be assisted in this journey by specialists in businesses and technicians in their areas of activity.

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Floresta em Pé
The Amazon at Home, Intact Forest Movement, an initiative carried out by Climate Ventures, Idesam and AMAZ, started this year with a contest to select and support 20 community businesses and organizations that work with Amazonian social and biological diversity products. Impact businesses that sell regional products and are committed to keeping the forest intact will be selected. These businesses will take part in a capacity-building program focused on logistics and marketing. The final results will be announced on April 28 and the acceleration program is scheduled to begin on May 2.

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The Corporate Citizenship Institute has announced the organizations selected in the 2021-2022 Impact Chains Contest to assist projects run by organizations that support impact businesses. The five chosen projects represent all regions of Brazil and most of them involve supporting black and female entrepreneurs, as well as those from disadvantaged locations. The initiative’s strategic partners are Fundo Vale and Cosan. The contest attracted more than 55 valid applications.

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Fundo Vale and Vale have two semifinalist projects in BNDES’ Everyone for Sustainability Awards. These projects are the Partners for the Amazon Platform’s Acceleration Program and Fundo Vale’s COVID-19 Social and Environmental Response Plan to support Amazon community businesses. The awards recognize initiatives by companies that philanthropically sponsor social and environmental projects that contribute to well-structured and long-lasting projects, boosting their impacts and helping transform society.

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Applications are now open for AMAZ’s 2022 Business Selection Contest, an initiative supported by Fundo Vale. The impact accelerator is looking for businesses and entrepreneurs that are generating positive social and environmental impacts and strengthening the bioeconomy based on conservation of natural resources in the Amazon. The scheme is aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, community-based businesses (associations and cooperatives), organizations and companies. The selected enterprises will participate in an acceleration journey and receive investments of up to R$600,000. They will also be able to access the largest network of impact entrepreneurs focused on the region. Applications will be accepted between April 4 and May 2.

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Forest Commitment
Have you ever heard of vegetable oils? How about the macaúba palm tree? An initiative by Inocas, a business accelerated by Fundo Vale’s Agroforestry Challenge, is revolutionizing the production of vegetable oils, which are extracted from plants, by processing the fruit of the macaúba palm tree, which is very common in the Cerrado, Brazil’s savanna region.
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What is…
Business acceleration?
Acceleration is a word widely used to describe the process of developing new business models. Around the world, acceleration methodologies started with mentoring by more experienced entrepreneurs, to help new entrepreneurs learn the ropes and generate interest from investors or other companies. A startup acceleration program is a way of putting solutions on the market and leveraging operations.
o que é INGLÊS
Fundo Vale Presents
In March, a month dedicated to women, Patrícia Daros, Fundo Vale’s director of operations, commented on “Women Transform the Future,” a campaign created by Vale, highlighting women’s role in building a more equitable and sustainable future. The company’s inclusion and diversity initiatives have been making its workplaces ever more collaborative, innovative and attractive to new talents. Accordingly, studies, research and activities involving leaders and/or women are moving forward in all the countries where Vale is present.
Watch this video.

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Fundo Vale Recommends
A new study linked to the Amazon 2030 project, called “Food Regions,” has just been published. The study presents one possible business scenario related to food in the Amazon and the emergence and modernization of startups and producers, to supply high-quality products to demanding markets. The combination of extremely rich biodiversity and businesses keen to grow has the potential to develop the region’s economy. Previous analyzes by the group revealed that more than 33% of professionals employed in the Amazon region work in activities related to the production, processing, marketing or disposal of food.

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Podcast & Vídeo
podcast desastres naturais
Listen to “Natural Disasters: Urgent Adaptation” podcast

High rainfall in the mountainous inland part of the state of Rio de Janeiro has been in Brazil’s newspaper headlines since February. The amount of rain in a 24-hour period broke records dating back nearly a century. This led to huge landslides, turning the streets of the historic city of Petrópolis into rivers of mud and destroying everything in the way, in a tragedy that took the lives of more than a hundred people. However, little has been said about climate change’s impact on extreme events like this. In this podcast, part of G1’s “O Assunto” series, journalist Renata Lo Prete talked to GloboNews reporter André Coelho and economist Sérgio Margulis.

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Articles and Publications
Mariano Cenamo, the new business director of Idesam and CEO of impact accelerator AMAZ, believes that it is necessary to build an ecosystem that supports new and sustainable enterprises in the forest in order to protect this vulnerable habitat. He argues that the private sector, civil society organizations and impact businesses across the Amazon should join forces to expand these enterprises. Cenamo gives the example of Silicon Valley, which generates and shares knowledge and networks in a way never seen before in a business environment.

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Capital Reset
In the Media
Ana Paula
The newspaper O Liberal published an article about the Carajás National Forest Extractive Workers’ Cooperative, an initiative supported by Vale, which in 2019 was selected to take part in the Partners for the Amazon Platform’s Acceleration Program, which is backed by Fundo Vale.

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Another article in O Liberal highlighted another initiative supported by Fundo Vale, via AMAZ, an impact accelerator. This time, the newspaper told the story of Manioca
flavors of amazon.

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The newspaper Valor Econômico reported on activities carried out by Conexsus and supported by Fundo Vale. The article provided details of aid provided to associations and cooperatives of rural and extractive producers. 

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April 12
11 am


The impact co-leader of investment manager VOX Capital, Daniel Brandão, will lead a webinar focused on advanced impact measurement and management strategies, based on VOX Capital’s practical experience. The meeting is being organized by the American Evaluation Association and you can sign up for it now. Take part!

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April 24 – 27

Later this month, in Cartagena, Colombia, the first edition of “Impact Minds: Standing Together” will be held. This event is being organized by Latimpacto, a network of organizations across Latin America that deploys human, intellectual and financial capital to multiply social and environmental impacts. The meeting will bring together drivers of change and impact ecosystem leaders, as well as fostering innovative partnerships and attracting more capital to the region. Personalities from many different countries will be present. Be sure to check it out!

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