At the invitation of Belterra, Helio Laubenheimer, Fundo Vale’s carbon leader, took part in a conversation as part of a series of events called “Agroforestry Dialogues.” He and Mariama Vendramini, director of EcoSecurities, discussed the carbon market in Brazil, presented significant cases and looked at prospects for the market’s growth and development.

Here are some materials about cases presented at the Agroforestry Dialogues event:

· Read a report on the global carbon market produced by Fundo Vale and EcoSecurities, if you wish to delve into this subject;

· Download a study called Agroforestry Impact Business Mapping;

· Learn about Allie Doff Sets, an interactive online platform that features a database of more than 20,000 carbon projects around the world, updated daily;

· Verra, a nonprofit organization that operates standards in environmental and social markets, is currently in the final phase of validating a new methodology, which will soon be launched, to quantify carbon credits arising from reforestation, afforestation and revegetation activities.