Fundo Vale is supporting the Fourth Map of Social and Environmental Businesses. If you are a positive social and environmental impact entrepreneur, register your business with Pipe Social no later than June 30 and be part of this study, which is looking for innovative impact solutions throughout Brazil. 

Are you aware of the Map of Social and Environmental Businesses? It is Brazil’s largest and most widely recognized survey of impact businesses, designed to track the evolution of the sector’s pipeline, guiding organizations that are building and promoting this new economy. To register free of charge, visit www.pipe.social

Impact businesses in the following areas, among others, may take part: agriculture, forests and land use, industry, logistics and mobility, energy and biofuels, water and sanitation, waste management, employability, entrepreneurship, income generation, education, health, financial services, housing, management and government, equity and inclusion.  
In 2023, the map will take a special look at challenges and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and seek to understand how impact businesses can support other companies in meeting their goals.  
Please share and publicize the map to help us reach as many impact entrepreneurs in Brazil as possible.