CAMTA, one of the businesses preselected to be evaluated and possibly join Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal portfolio, is an agribusiness cooperative that makes fruit pulp (Credit: Publicity photo)

Of the 69 businesses that signed up for the Brazilian Agroforestry Business Mapping Exercise, carried out by Fundo Vale in partnership with consulting firm Palladium, three have been shortlisted, paving the way for them to potentially join Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal portfolio.

They are Tomé-Açu Mixed Farming Cooperative (CAMTA) in Tomé-Açu, Pará, which sells regional fruit pulp and natural byproducts; Futuro Florestal, a company that implements, manages, consults and advises on commercial reforestation featuring both native and exotic species to sustainably produce tropical hardwood; and Radix Investimentos, a greentech company that combines technology and forest management to offer the best options for green investments.

The mapping exercise sought to identify enterprises that could diversify Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal portfolio. For example, CAMTA has great potential for social impacts, Radix is a model company that combines technology and forest management to restore degraded areas, and Futuro Florestal focuses on silviculture with a wide variety of species for reforestation, including native ones.

The businesses will now undergo a more in-depth analysis to understand their growth potential and capacity to expand their reforestation areas in the coming years.

Businesses will diversify Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal portfolio, aiming to boost its existing positive social and environmental impacts

The amount to be potentially invested by Fundo Vale in the businesses that are definitively selected will depend on their demonstrated operational capacity in terms of recovered area. The idea is to carry out a model testing stage, involving expansion of between 30 and 100 hectares.

The new business evaluation process is composed of several stages, encompassing compliance, financial analysis, technical issues and business management. It is carried out by a committee of professionals from Vale and Fundo Vale’s partners.

The shortlisted candidates have already gone through a “pitch day” with the committee (involving a brief presentation of their idea, product or service) and all the participants in this stage received comments and suggestions from the evaluators.

All the evaluated businesses, including those not yet preselected at this moment, are now part of Fundo Vale’s Brazilian Agroforestry Business Mapping Database, which records information on scalable enterprises in this area in Brazil.

Find out more about the businesses that will undergo further analysis: Radix, Futuro Florestal and CAMTA.