Fundo Vale jointly holds event at innovation hub Cubo Itaú, alongside other actors in the innovation ecosystem, to discuss challenges, opportunities and the way ahead to COPs 28 and 30.

Dialogue builds futures and generates new attitudes. With this in mind, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), Cubo ESG, Itaú and Fundo Vale, with the support of Numerik and AYA Earth Partners, held an event called COP³ on October 5. The objective? To dive deep into Brazil’s main challenges, opportunities and priorities for the 28th UN Climate Conference (COP 28) in Dubai. In addition, an attempt was made to establish solid foundations for the country’s preparations for COP 30 in Belém, Pará, which will be held in 2025.

The hybrid meeting welcomed guests to the auditorium at Cubo Itaú, an innovation hub in São Paulo, and it was livestreamed for those who were only able to participate online. Leaders from the private sector, academia, government and the innovation ecosystem were present. Topics such as nature-based solutions, the private sector’s possible contributions and the crucial role of innovation in the fight against climate change were discussed in several panels.

Patrícia Daros, Vale’s director of nature-based solutions, kicked off the event by emphasizing the urgent need to implement a transition plan for the bioeconomy, looking at technology as an ally of biodiversity and a possible way out of the climate crisis we are facing. She explained how Fundo Vale is building financial instruments to support impact businesses and taking on some of the risks, noting partnerships and initiatives that we have mapped, fostered and strengthened in the social and biological diversity chain.

“COP³ was a valuable opportunity for us to discuss how we can support Brazil in positioning itself at the next COPs and seeking the best solutions to tackle the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and its social consequences, which we are now seeing happening in the Amazon and Rio Grande do Sul. This is a movement that requires the participation, collaboration, unity and partnership of everyone, including governments, organized civil society and private sector companies. We at Fundo Vale are already on this journey and we will continue to move forward together.” Patrícia Daros

Afterward, she took part in a panel on nature-based solutions, in which she discussed some of Fundo Vale’s areas of activity, such as generating impact carbon credits, creating connections and strengthening the social and environmental impact ecosystem through partnerships. She also spoke about the difficulties involved in scaling up impact businesses, the challenge of promoting the bioeconomy, and generation of scientific knowledge.

Matchmaking and new connections

In order to connect the startups and large companies present at the event, a parallel matchmaking activity was held, providing opportunities for Cubo Itaú’s startups (and their partners) to present their solutions to the innovation hub’s member corporations and event partners.

One highlight was Courageous Land, which took part in a proof of concept with Fundo Vale to support Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal. This startup attracted the interest of seven companies during the matchmaking session (Fazenda Samauma / Vale do Sonho, BRF, Imaflora, Eneva, Raízen, Natura and EDP), which may possibly contribute business strategies and work in partnership. The matchmaking activity built on Fundo Vale’s previous work at Cubo Itaú, in line with Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal business strategies. “Fundo Vale joined Cubo Itaú precisely in order to promote new connections. Seeing new relationships emerge in practice motivates us to continue encouraging commercial partnerships and generating various benefits,” says Giovana Serenato, Fundo Vale’s innovation leader.

In her view, taking part in COP³ was an opportunity to present Fundo Vale’s work in the fight against climate change, reinforcing its actions. “Within the area of nature-based solutions, we emphasized the work carried out as part of Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal and other contributions to Vale’s initiatives, all set out in our 2022 Impact Report,” Serenato adds.