Click here to listen to a podcast in which Belterra’s CEO explains how this model works, the market’s potential in Brazil and challenges for implementing it on a large scale

“Nosso Impacto” (“Our Impact”), a podcast about relations between people and the environment, invited Valmir Ortega, the CEO of Belterra Agroflorestas – a business that is part of Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal portfolio – to talk about agroforestry systems.

These systems combine food and raw material production with soil, water and biodiversity conservation, and they also help reduce climate change. However, implementing them is a big challenge. In this episode, Ortega talks about how Belterra is structuring itself to scale up the implementation of agroforestry systems in Brazil.

The company has been forming partnerships with small and medium producers to transform non-productive land into productive forests that, once established, will produce food for decades. This gives producers security and encourages the creation of businesses and technologies throughout the new agroforestry production chain.