This year, Fundo Vale is sponsoring the VC Challenge, Brazil’s largest venture capital and entrepreneurship competition, and leading its sustainability category. Alongside other sponsors, it is giving talks about the subject, guiding participants regarding the contest’s next steps.

The event, organized by KPTL (the manager of the Forest & Climate Fund), brings together students from across Brazil who have the potential to become the country’s next leaders. The objective is to present the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to these promising young people. The VC Challenge is a competition in which groups of up to four students evaluate companies from the perspective of investors and entrepreneurs, helping them develop both technical skills and soft skills.

The first phase of this year’s edition has already taken place. In the second phase of the challenge, the students will get to know forest and climate-related startups and evaluate them, simulating the role of investors.

Further information: https://kptl.com.br/vc-challenge/