Data: 11/12/2018 Local: Cubo Itau – Alameda Vicente Pinzon, 54 – Vila Olimpia, São Paulo – SP Cliente: Cubo Itau Pauta: Banco de imagens do Cubo Itau. Assistente: Alisson Fagner Foto: Celso Doni

What if technology and innovation were designed to support the generation of positive social and environmental impacts? By being a sponsor of Cubo Itaú, Latin America foremost hub for innovation and promotion of technological entrepreneurship, Fundo Vale is expanding its relations with a community of 400 domestic and international startups, which since 2015 has been developing technological solutions for large corporations, investors and partners to generate business.

In order to promote discussions and initiatives involving businesses with positive social and environmental impacts within Cubo Itaú, Fundo Vale wants to collaborate with the community on business development initiatives and impact investments. The goal is to catalyze the positive social and environmental impact agenda within the Brazilian innovation ecosystem to strengthen the forest and climate agenda.

Through new connections, the idea is to encourage relationships with startups and large companies in search of social and environmental innovation actions. After all, if there are people deciding the future and thinking about new strategies to improve society, Fundo Vale wants to be among them.

According to Fundo Vale’s manager, Gustavo Luz, our presence in Cubo Itaú is an opportunity to collaborate as a significant player in the innovation ecosystem. “We are going to catalyze and unlock investments and develop new businesses and solutions that generate positive social and environmental impacts for local communities, traditional peoples, forest dwellers and small rural producers. By joining Cubo Itaú, we want to lead this debate and promote these solutions,” he said.

Through this opportunity, innovation will be a lever involving various projects and activities integrated with Cubo Itaú’s Hub. Fundo Vale will offer not just its expertise but also its links with its high-quality network of partners, especially in the Amazon.

“Having an initiative like Fundo Vale in our community, engaged in transforming its sector, improving deliveries and increasing the significance of its operations through connections with technology-based solutions is extremely important for the startup ecosystem. Through its influence, we intend to generate high-level impacts, contributing to its digital and cultural transformation process and also building actions that generate a wave of positive effects for both learning and business,” said Paulo Costa, the CEO of Cubo Itaú.

Giovana Serenato, Fundo Vale’s social and environmental innovation leader, is already planning to develop the “Cubo Itaú Impact Journey,” a series of activities to discuss and present projects, cases, methodologies and studies on positive social and environmental impacts, as well as offering training courses and searching for startups and corporations interested in this topic, in order to build integrated initiatives. According to her, the focus will be on four specific areas. “In our direct relationship with Cubo Itaú, we will add capabilities and act in an integrated manner in areas linked to ESG and impacts. We will also work with companies and partners that support Cubo Itaú to identify opportunities and the feasibility of integrated action, and we will present our work and that of our partners to startups, identifying innovative solutions for our various challenges. We will do all this from the ever-present perspective of positive impacts and collaboration,” she said.


On June 29, a welcome event will be held in Cubo Itaú’s main office in São Paulo. There will be a conversation about the positive impact investment agenda and the case of Belterra, our strategic partner in the Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal, specifically the component aimed at restoring 100,000 hectares of habitat.

The event will only be open to members of Cubo Itaú (startups, large companies and partners), as well as venture capital firms and some of Fundo Vale’s strategic partners that are in tune with the investment and innovation agendas.

Together, we want to build new possible futures and influence the members of Cubo Itaú to get involved in the positive social and environmental impact agenda.

About Cubo Itaú

Opened in September 2015 by Itaú Unibanco in partnership with Redpoint eventures, Cubo Itaú is the foremost hub for promoting technological entrepreneurship in Latin America. It is a nonprofit organization that fosters connections and business deals between large companies and startups. Cubo Itaú is based in the Vila Olímpia district of São Paulo and, through its physical and digital platforms, it is contributing to the growth of more than 400 curated startups that are part of its portfolio, encompassing over 20 sectors and entrepreneurs from all over Brazil and from different parts of the world.

Cubo Itaú also supports the digital and cultural transformations of corporations and its sponsors represent some of Brazil’s biggest players, including Itaú Unibanco, Dasa, Corteva, São Martinho, Itaú BBA, CNH Industrial, Suzano, Dexco, Eztec, Gerdau, MPD, Saint-Gobain, ConectCar, iCarros, Bike Itaú, vec Itaú, Wilson Sons, Porto do Açu, Hidrovias do Brasil, Radix, TIM, Stellantis, Bayer, Jaguar Land Rover, Oxygea, Prudential, NTT Data Brasil, Wayra Brasil and BID Lab. It also has strategic partners, such as Accenture Digital, Liga Ventures, Anjos do Brasil, Abstartups, Favela Holding and Forge 3D.

For more information, visit https://cubo.network/.