Selected entrepreneurs and partners of the Forest & Climate Challenge program – Carbon Edition, executed by Quintessa, came together in June to get to know one another and share their demands (partners) and solutions (startups). This “speed dating” event was held in order to find synergies that could lead these actors to think of joint initiatives, potentially leading to proofs of concept, technology co-development partnerships or assistance with specific requirements.

Rounds of meetings lasting 20 minutes were held, allowing entrepreneurs to explain how their solutions work to executives and representatives of large companies. Each institution met with four startups that proved to have the biggest potential for synergies with their work.

Between now and September, the program will move forward in the business acceleration stage.

About the Forest & Climate Challenge program – Carbon Edition

Structured in 2022 and launched in 2023, in partnership with the Quintessa Impact Accelerator (an ecosystem of enterprising and innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges), this program aims to identify and accelerate businesses offering nature-based solutions and impact businesses that can contribute to Vale’s strategy of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The Carbon Edition was created to catalyze and accelerate solutions in the forestry carbon credit chain in Brazil. To this end, a “Carbon Challenge Theory of Change” was formulated and a diagnosis of the main market challenges was performed, outlining possible ways to generate positive impacts for target audiences, including both short and long-term results, while helping strengthen initiatives, businesses and the innovation and impact ecosystem.

The program will select up to six initiatives to receive individual and personalized monitoring, mentoring and diagnoses, as well as an acceleration plan for their

businesses. The results may affect initiatives linked to Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal, the Carbon Hub and investments.

To help structure the program, a group of strategic partners was formed, composed of Cubo Itaú, Ecosecurities, the Ekos Brasil Institute, Irani, KPTL and Suzano Ventures.