With the support of Fundo Vale, the Forest Goal’s results in restoring areas in Brazilian biomes will be counted in the 1t.org global initiative.

Vale, through its 2030 Forest Goal, a voluntary commitment coordinated by Fundo Vale and the Vale Natural Reserve to protect and restore 500,000 hectares of habitat in Brazil, has been invited by the World Economic Forum to join its 1 Trillion Trees environmental initiative (1t.org), whose mission is to mobilize the global community to conserve, restore and cultivate 1 trillion trees by 2030.

Conserving and restoring forests are essential measures to combat the climate crisis and the collapse of biodiversity. Developed to support the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, 1t.org promotes the engagement of corporations around the world in supporting the global environmental restoration movement, in line with the Paris Agreement, inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship for the environment. It also facilitates the sharing of knowledge between corporate peers, promoting learning in different regions of the planet.

“Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal is fully aligned with the objectives of 1t.org, especially because it stands out by promoting forest conservation and restoration while stimulating innovative businesses with a social impact. This aspect is fundamental to ensuring that the proposed models are viable and the solutions are sustainable in the long term,” says Juliana Vilhena, Fundo Vale’s strategy, management and impact manager.

Fundo Vale conceived the current working model for the restoration component of Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal, which involves restoring 100,000 hectares of habitat by helping develop and strengthen agroforestry businesses, promoting the recovery of areas through biodiverse production systems and supporting the creation of financial instruments to facilitate access to resources and markets for impact businesses that harness intact forests. This work includes catalyzing blended finance investments with public, private and philanthropic resources and establishing partnerships with offtakers in the market, with a view to large-scale environmental recovery, thereby fostering a fairer economy.