Fundo Vale – The Inside Story – # 1
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Edition 1, September 2021
Impact Reports

“2030 Voluntary Forest Commitment” Series
Interview 1 – Patrícia Daros and Gustavo Luz

Based on a logic of sustainable impact investments and innovative nature-based solutions, Fundo Vale is responsible for the strategy and execution work behind Vale’s voluntary challenge of protecting and restoring 500,000 hectares of forest.

Fundo Vale is launching a series of interviews to share stories and initiatives involving this bold voluntary initiative. By embracing the challenge of protecting and restoring 500,000 hectares of forest by 2030, Vale, through Fundo Vale, presents a new large-scale approach, contributing capital and investing in the social and environmental impact business ecosystem with a view to earning returns and scaling up solutions with positive results, not only for the environment, but for the entire social and economic environment of each region.

In this first conversation, Patrícia Daros and Gustavo Luz, Fundo Vale’s managers, explain how an idea that originated in some scribbles on a napkin turned into a grandiose large-scale project underpinned by the three principles of conservation, combating deforestation in the Amazon and contributing to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and led to the creation of five startups focused on restoring forests.

Patrícia Daros

Director of Operations,
Fundo Vale

Gustavo Luz

Fundo Vale & Equity Stakes Manager, Vale

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Launch of PrevisIA

Artificial intelligence platform to prevent deforestation in the Amazon

Technology combined with sustainability. Fundo Vale, Microsoft and Imazon have just launched PrevisIA, a tool that analyzes data to anticipate information from regions with a higher risk of deforestation and fires in the Amazon. The initiative is part of Vale’s strategy to make its operations carbon neutral by 2050. It reflects the company’s commitment to the Amazon Manifesto and helps our sponsor comply with its Voluntary Forest Commitment, to protect and restore 500,000 hectares of native forest by 2030.


AMAZ, 2021 business pipeline acceleration contest

AMAZ receives 156 entries in its first acceleration contest

In May, AMAZ, an impact accelerator in the Amazon and one of the initiatives supported by Fundo Vale, launched a business acceleration contest. Since then, it has received 156 entries from enterprises in 20 Brazilian states. Of them, 73.2% have women in leadership positions and 67% have black and indigenous leaders. Together, these businesses have annual revenue of R$32 million and they are looking for R$218 million of investment. Enterprises involved in the food and handcraft production chains in the Amazon applied to the contest. Thirty businesses will be chosen for the interview and due diligence phase, of which 12 will proceed to the pre-acceleration phase. In December, AMAZ will announce six businesses chosen to be accelerated and invested in, starting in 2022.

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Fundo Vale Promotes
Negócios de Impacto Socioambiental Positivo

First season of impact business course created by Fundo Vale is completed successfully and there is already a waiting list for the next season

In order to engage large companies and their employees in the social and environmental impact business agenda, focusing on a sustainable, fair and inclusive economy, the first season of a course titled “What Are Positive Social and Environmental Impact Businesses?” was completed on August 27. In partnership with Vale’s education arm, Valer, the first course on positive social and environmental impact businesses for Vale employees has an innovative approach that encourages students to be proactive. The first edition of the course featured interactive webinars and classes in online format, as well as videos and articles to stimulate reflection on the topic.

Coordinated by Fundo Vale and Valer, the initiative was created by Juliana Vilhena (Fundo Vale), Professor Graziella Comini (School of Economics, University of São Paulo) and Tamara Azevedo (Cocriar). The audiovisual production work was done by media firm Aupa – jornalismo de impacto. The first season involved Célia Cruz (the director of ICE) and social entrepreneurs Adriana Barbosa (Feira Preta), Valmir Ortega (Belterra) and Joanna Martins (Manioca). The course’s second season, called “Impact Investments,” will look at financial mechanisms

What is…

(Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation)
REDD+ is an incentive developed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It was created to financially reward developing countries for their results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. To this end, it considers the role of conserving forest carbon stocks and increasing their stocks, in addition to the sustainable management of forests.

Fundo Vale Recommends
Aupa Podcast

“What haven’t they told you about impacts?” 
It’s well worth listening to this series produced by Aupa – jornalismo de impacto, which features discussions, reflections and information about the social and environmental impact ecosystem. This initiative presents conversations with 10 social entrepreneurs about their businesses, as well as the ecosystem’s behind-the-scenes details. The conversations address their challenging backstories, the human side of their work and the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs.

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In the Media

Fundo Vale, Microsoft and Imazon project uses artificial intelligence on digital platform to protect Amazon from deforestation.

Instituto Imazon, in partnership with Fundo Vale and Microsoft, launches public platform that predicts deforestation in Amazon.

Fundo Vale invests in new green businesses to restore forests with goal of boosting impact business ecosystem in Brazil.

September 3
2:30 pm to
6:30 pm

Bioeconomy in Focus: where businesses and sustainability come together. Experts will debate potentials and opportunities in the construction of a sustainable economy based on the Amazon’s biodiversity. (Click Here)

September 9
11:00 am to
12:15 pm

Innovative Finance: Blended Finance Instruments
How are blended finance instruments mobilizing more capital for environmental causes? Cases involving initiatives such as Bem-te-vi and Conexsus – Fundo CX will be presented..
(Click Here)

14, 15 and 16

Liga Open Innovation Summit
Insights and debates on innovation, technology, digital transformation and the society of the future, with major market players. (Click Here)

28, 29 and 30

10th Sustainable Congress, 2021: “Brazil 2050: Regenerative, Inclusive and Resilient Businesses. Brazil’s Business Sector and the Amazon – Necessary Convergence”.
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