Event at Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation brought together various stakeholders to debate promotion of innovative initiatives, focusing on sustainable development 

At the invitation of Brazil’s Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation, Fundo Vale shared its strategy for social and environmental business promotion and investment, based on its 2030 Theory of Change. This presentation happened at a public conference called “Science, Technology and Innovation for the Impact Economy,” held on March 5 in the ministry’s auditorium. 

During the opening session, the minister for science, technology and innovation, Luciana Santos, stressed the importance of different segments of society participating in the search for solutions to accelerate innovative initiatives for sustainable development. “This dialogue allows us to learn from each other and take a democratic decision-making path regarding the direction of science and technology policy, to help Brazil overcome its challenges,” she said. 

Juliana Saliba, Fundo Vale’s sustainability analyst, participated in a panel discussion called “Resources for ST&I and Impact Businesses,” alongside Janaina Prevot Nascimento, administrative director of the Funding Agency for Studies and Projects (FINEP); Márcio de Araújo Pereira, vice president of the National Council of State Research Foundations (CONFAP); Luis Felipe Bismarchi, national superintendent for impact businesses and sustainability at state-owned bank Caixa; and Tuany Missine, senior investment officer at IDB Lab. The discussion was moderated by Daniela Arantes, the National Strategy for Impact Investing and Businesses liaison officer at the national development bank, BNDES. 

Saliba showed how Fundo Vale, in its 14-year history, has concentrated its efforts on promoting and investing in initiatives and businesses with a social and environmental impact. She spoke about the organization’s work on Vale’s 2030 Forest Goal, which aims to voluntarily restore 100,000 hectares of forest and protect 400,000 hectares, the bioeconomy agenda, focusing on the Amazon, and blended finance for nature prototyping efforts. 

“If we don’t have a connected framework for business promotion and support, we won’t be able to leverage high-risk businesses. Fundo Vale takes on this risk management function, fostering impact initiatives and bringing traction to make these businesses attractive for public and private investment,” she explained. 

Another highlight of her presentation was the GIMPACT impact measurement and management methodology created by Fundo Vale, which could serve as a model for the innovation ecosystem. 

“The issue of measuring impact has been addressed in several speeches today. We noticed that some organizations are more advanced on this agenda than others. But when we talk about impact, it’s impossible not to talk about indicators, because we want to show that a business is actually solving social and environmental problems. Having this proven is good for entrepreneurs, investors and society,” said the moderator, Daniela Arantes. 

The event was broadcast live, and you can view it in full on the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation’s YouTube channel.